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The Difference between Shotcrete Pools & Gunite Pools
painting gunite pools
When building shotcrete pools or Gunite pools, you may be confused as to the difference between the two. The only major difference between Shotcrete pools and Gunite pools are that Gunite pools are sprayed using the dry mix method while Shotcrete pools are sprayed using the wet mix method. Both Shotcrete pools and Gunite pools are extremely durable and have a strength of about 6000-7000psi. painting gunite pools


Are Gunite Swimming Pools Better?
gunite redoing fixing pools
Gunite pools are far superior to poured concrete pools in that Gunite pools can be any shape you desire and are usually cheaper to build. In addition, poured concrete pools are difficult to construct and are limited in there design.

Liner vs Gunite Pools (Shotcrete Pools)
construction of gunite pools
Shotcrete pools or Gunite Pools are generally finished off with a plaster as opposed to a liner. Liners, although very durable, should not be pressure washed and you should also not drain the pool as bubbling of the liner folding and puckering may happen. With Gunite Pools, you will never have to worry about a bubbled liner and you can also drain the pool to put in fresh water whenever you want.


Gunite Pools Cleaning (Shotcrete Pools)
diy gunite pools
Cleaning Gunite pools can be done by vacuuming the pool or by draining the water and washing the surface. You can use a pressure washer to clean Gunite pools or a scrub brush if you really feel energetic.


Painting Gunite Pools (Shotcrete Pools)
resurfacing gunite pools
Painting Gunite pools is not a straightforward situation and requires special paint. You are best to consult a trained professional for more information.


Construction of Gunite Pools (Shotcrete Pools)
hot to build gunite pools
To construct Gunite pools, a hole is dug in the basic shape required. Plumbing is installed and rebar frame is assembled. When the grid is in place, the crew sprays a heavy coating of Gunite. The crew then trowels the Gunite smooth and lets it sit for about a week to give the Gunite time to fully cure. A smooth finish can then be applied. The most popular finish is plaster, which is actually a mixture of cement and marble sand, however you can also just paint the Gunite with special concrete paint. Gunite pools can also have tile, exposed aggregate or even fiberglass finishes.


Waterproofing or Installing Tile on Gunite Pools (Shotcrete Pools)
construction joints in gunite pools
When spraying Gunite for Gunite pools there is generally a wire mesh material there to accept and help bold the Gunite. In addition, there is generally a waterproofing layer behind the wire mesh. liner versus gunite pools Dimpled Mesh is a high-density polyethylene dimpled plastic sheet with a mesh already attached to it. This design allows gunite blue pools Dimpled Mesh to provide a waterproofing and drainage layer all in one. In addition, the mesh provides a perfect bonding surface for Gunite. Instead of having to install your waterproofing and then your wire mesh, you can simply unroll painting gunite pools Dimpled Mesh and start installing your Gunite right away. There is no curing time and no messy waterproofing spray. Using inground gunite pools ct Dimpled Mesh will allow you to save time and money on the construction of your Gunite pools.


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