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About Tunnel Construction
homemade tunnel construction methods
There are more than 6,000,000 km of highways and 240,000 km of railway tracks across North America. Of this maze of concrete and rail you're going to run into a mountain here and a river there. Tunnel construction provides routes for vehicles and trains to find there way though these obstacles.

3 Basic Steps to Tunnel Construction
tunnel construction companies
  • Excavation: Digging through the earth using one of many different tunnel construction methods
  • Support: The support of any unstable ground while digging is necessary especially in underground tunnels. Beams, masonry bricks or Shotcrete can be used
  • Tunnel Lining: Final touches for tunnel construction such as roads/tracks and lights are added once the tunnel is structurally sound

Channel Tunnel Building
construction channel tunnel
Channel tunnel construction is particularly tricky. In traditional methods water must be held back while the tunnel construction is taking place. However, prefabricated tunnel segments can be floated into position, sunk and then attached to other sections.


Underground Tunnels
new tunnel construction
Underground tunnels also provide routes for water, sewage, power and communication lines. Underground tunnels can also be used for subways and also for traffic to travel under water. Underground tunnels are very difficult to build and require precise engineering. .


Tunnel Rehabilitation
tunnel undergound how to
Tunnel rehabilitation of underground tunnels has been made easier and faster with the introduction of Steelfiber Shotcrete. Using Steelfiber Shotcrete for tunnel construction or rehabilitation removes the need for time consuming rebar or mesh to be installed.


Tunnel Construction
alignment of underground tunnels
Using SUPERSEAL Tunnel Drainage or Dimpled Mesh as a separating layer between the outer and inner shells of a tunnel, offers design engineers numerous benefits for underground tunnels and general tunnel construction. Just some of the tunnel construction benefits are:
  • Controlled redirection of water influx to collection system
  • Waterproofing and drainage in one application
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Accepts Steelfiber and regular Shotcrete easily
  • Resistant to chemicals and salts
  • Easy to install


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