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What is A Monolithic Dome?
prefab concrete monolithic domes
A monolithic Dome is the best building method that achieves nature's perfect shape. painting gunite pools


Who uses a Monolithic Dome
monolithic dome for sale
The advantages to a monolithic dome has been utilized by homeowners and companies in over 40 states for churches, offices, storage, schools, theaters, water tanks, supermarkets and more. A monolithic dome is also the only building approved to store explosives on waterways in the United States.


Advantage to the Monolithic Dome Design
monolithic dome
Due to the unique design of the monolithic dome design homes, a monolithic dome distributes stress throughout the dome shell as opposed to one point like a typical home. A monolithic dome is able to withstand heavy snow loads, high winds, soil settlement fire and strong earthquakes. Because a monolithic dome is made of concrete it has a Type II or better fire rating. This means that the monolithic dome will not burn even if the contents do. monolithic dome homes for sale michigan


Monolithic Dome Prices
monolithic dome homes for sale michigan
Monolithic dome homes are extremely energy efficient. Monolithic dome homes are so energy efficient that you can save over 50% on heating and cooling costs. A typical monolithic dome may cost the same to build as a typical home but the monolithic dome home will save you money every month. The monolithic dome shell can be constructed for $20-35 per square foot depending on the size.


Monolithic Dome Construction
monolithic dome homes for sale michigan
The construction of just the monolithic dome generally takes about 7-10 days while the curing time is an additional 3-4 weeks. The construction of a monolithic dome is accomplished in just a few easy steps.
  • Creating a ring where the monolithic dome will be
  • Inflating the prefabricated air-form to give the monolithic dome it's shape
  • Spraying polyurethane foam inside the monolithic dome to provide the insulation
  • Installing rebar inside the monolithic dome
  • Spraying Shotcrete onto the rebar to provide the final monolithic dome structure
In addition, the application of monolithic dome home pensa cola florida Dimpled Mesh between the foam and the Shotcrete or the air-form and the foam during construction of the monolithic dome will help prevent sweating and provide moisture run off. dome building monolithic Dimpled Mesh texture easily accepts plaster and Shotcrete.


Strength of a Monolithic Dome Home
monolithic dome interior
The monolithic dome is one of the strongest buildings. A monolithic dome distributes stress throughout the dome shell, as opposed to conventional buildings where external stress is concentrated at one point. A typical building can be damaged when weather forces exceed 50 pounds per square foot. A basic monolithic dome can withstand forces in excess of 10,000 pounds per square foot however; the actual strength of the monolithic dome will depend on the design utilized. Monolithic dome homes in North Carolina were hit by 2 hurricanes, Bertha and Fran, and were not bothered despite winds over 100 mph.


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