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About Slopes, Cuts & Erosion Control
embankment slope stabilization
Slopes or cuts may erode or deteriorate over time. An erosion control technique such as slope stabilization is used to help prevent this from happening or repair and existing damaged slope.

Embankment Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
stabilizing slopes
Slope stabilization provides a stronger slope and reduces dangers associated with loose earth slopes suck as small and loose rocks on eroded slopes. A common erosion control technique is to drape wire mesh on the slope and then spray Shotcrete on top. biotechnical slope stabilization


What to use for Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
stabilizing slopes
There are 2 types of Shotcrete available for erosion control, Steelfiber Shotcrete or regular Shotcrete. The differences being with these 2 types of erosion control are that with Steelfiber you generally do not need rebar or wire mesh while with regular Shotcrete you will. slope protection pavers


Slope Stabilization & Drainage for Erosion Control
concrete slope protection detail
When Shotcreting for Slope stabilization and erosion control, you should have drainage and waterproofing layers. Tunnel Drainage or Dimpled Mesh easily accepts Shotcrete and provides waterproofing, drainage and ventilation of damp walls for erosion control in the same application.

Wire Mesh for Erosion Control & Slope Stabilization
slope protection design software
Some wire mesh used in erosion control and slope stabilization comes is rolls. Rebar can also be used however for erosion control and slope stabilization the rolls are considerably faster to install.


Waterproofing for Bank or Slope Stabilization
slope protection web
Waterproofing and drainage for erosion control can be easily done in one simple application of slope protection stainless Tunnel Drainage or Dimpled Mesh. Both products easily accept Shotcrete while providing your erosion control project with both waterproofing and drainage in the same application. embankment slope protection Dimpled Mesh can be used for jobs using fine Shotcrete and it replaces the need to install wire mesh while rock slope protection Tunnel Drainage is designed for commercial and high drainage flow erosion control needs.


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